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*.: BoYs LiE :.*
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in ShAn DiZzLe and MiSs bRiE's LiveJournal:

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
4:17 pm
it's been awhile since i've been here..everythings good my realtionship is amazing...(for now) of course it has it's up's and down's stupid fights but nothing too serious.....i must sayd HE IS AN AMAZING BOYFRIEND!!!!!! forget everything that has happened he's like a new person (sorta)
Christmas: Tiffany's ring and Necklace
1 year anniversary: Dinner, City Walk, Games, And shopping <33
Valentines's day: 2 pairs of ambercrombie Jean's And 2 Abercrombie Shirts

Aside form all this i get dinner on the weekends and luch dates everyday it's TOTALLY amazing and weekends are so me and shea shea time!!!...THIS IS SOOO THE BOY I KNOW AND LOVE <33

Current Mood: loved
Monday, September 19th, 2005
10:25 pm
it's come down to the point where i don't feel the slightest tempation will be turned down>> when you care about something so much it makes everything around you either happy or sad it's hard to say you won't care.>> the fact that you could go through so much and still have so much more to deal with amazing me more than life it self it's hard to decide... to deal with it or turn away when you feel the time is right>> it will either build you as a person or completely ruin you.. these little promises never seem to get old but never seem to stay to make it better~~ singing love songs drunken in a car full of wierd people is way too romantic...a day for 2 at the beach is unbelievabe..but sushi with friends is sad along with unknown hours of work...cuddling to a movie on the couch is desirable..vacation for 2 snowboarding in big bear is way over needed....ti never endsss....PeAcE BizZnAtChEs...

Current Mood: thoughtful
Sunday, March 20th, 2005
9:18 pm
Brie <3 Shea


 I have the best boyfriend in the world....

Fuck ANYONE who thinks diffrent

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 Brie

Current Mood: B <3 S
Monday, February 28th, 2005
8:15 pm
vote SHANDI AND JOEY cutest couple....keep in mind its not LONGEST couple, nor couple that looks most alike....CUTEST COUPLE...thankkkk youuuu! <333
Thursday, February 10th, 2005
4:05 pm
So MuCh For GoOd ThInGs <33
*:.{ Edit }.:* hahah wat a JOKE!!!!! <33 Brie

Current Mood: <3
Friday, January 21st, 2005
12:22 am
aNd ThEy LiVeD HapPiLy EvEr AfTeR.......*~ THE END~*

EvErYtHiNg Is PrEtTy GoOd...

- My Boyfriend is the BEST!

- I ABSOULTLY love my SISTER <~ (shan u stupid slut i love you! )

- i Miss MY B.F.F

- I Miss Crazy times wit my E~Dizzle<~....( COME HOME SOON MY LOVE!!!!)

- I Miss Drunken Partying

- I MISS LAGUNA BEACH!!!!!!!!!!! awww making shea watch it wit me.....hahahah babe u loved it!!!!!!

- Miss Kelly ...Partner in Crime we must strike...but who???? hahahah

- I miss Getting away wit EVERYTHING and never getting caught...FUCK POLICE...FUCK SCHOOL!!!!

*.... Ashlee Simpson....* i can't wait

*......The Used............* Even more excited > CONCERTS are the BEST!!!!

*:.. Don't Bother Postinh B.S im over it!!!! >...*

PeAcE BiTchEs<33

Current Mood: Im LiVe aNd I LoVe It!!!!
Thursday, January 6th, 2005
2:50 am
<3...Brie is a mutha-fucken "G" cuh...ohhhh watttttt!!!!!

I LOVE spending time wit my Shea-Shea..... baby i miss you sooo much!!!!!!! Thanks for making me soo happy <3Brie 

                        *~*~*~*~**~*~ let me just say im sooo lucky to have such a great boyfriend *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

{ oh yeah it funny how BITCHES talk shit.... but can they REALLY back it up... well i guess we will have to see...Ex-girlfriends.... bitch please!OMG are u lyke hit me or sumthing...hahhahahha THATS the BIGGEST joke ever!!! well sweeite u know were to find me }

P.S... I'm live and i love it!

Current Mood: loved
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
9:08 pm
*:.YoUr SuCh A SuCkEr FoR a SwEeT tALkEr.....<33

must say this break has been pretty diffrent...been spending ALOT of time wit "Shea" who ACTUALLY makes me happy!!!*:.{hopefully EVERYTHING stays good}.:*  me and shan are back to BEST FRIENDS duh!!!! i love that nigger!!!! thank god for christmas..hahah PRESENTS mmmMMMMmmm can't wait!!!! hahah this time last year was soooooo diffrent... no job, no Shea {STRONG>}, party lyke crazy constantly drunk and stoned...hahha this year... JOB,SHea, not sooo much partying :( and DRUNKNESS sooon!!!!!!! well all is good...wish me luck!!!!

 <33 *:.MiSs BriE.:*


Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
3:51 pm
bRiE and KeLLy.... PaRtNeRs In CrImE!!!!!!!!!

the ENTIRE weekend wit the "IMFANOUS KELLY"..... I love that gurl!!!!!  heres a quick outlook of our adaventures....MMMmmmmm..... where to begin...

- quick party

- missing mac makeup...poor kelly :(

- fun phone calls, confused boys, and quick visits

- blake and brookes casa.... chillin wit the boys is always fun! drunkness is always better!!! Puckers haha

- Cuddle time wit kelly...intrupted by a HATER...(haha j/k homie)

- cereal run!!! ( OMG kelly we were sooo loud) hahaha

- countless massages FOR Me and Kelly

- 5a.m wake up for "sum1". haha

- sleep time 6:30am WAKE UP 10:30am

- breakfast in bed...eggs and orange juice...yumm yumm

3"Friends" = fun nite....(there i hope ur happy)

*{ well sooo much more but promises were made so i must end here}* hahahahah Kelly I LOVE YOU!!!!! hahahha


the things guys will do to make sure we don't open our mouth is amazing hahahah the things guys do for sluts... <33 Brie

LIL EDIT{well so much for being a nice person.... and actually editing this shit...well im over it.. anyways... since we are "super hoeeeeee's" (WTF making up words) it shouldn't matter...ummm... MY B.F.F LOVES ME FOR THE 5 AM wake up!!! jare bizzle i love!!!! and kelly me and ....(OoPpSs :X ) fun nite guys!!! (well its back on stop talkin shit and MAYBE if ur nice "PROMISES" will be kept..well maybe not} hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahah
Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
9:42 pm
u CaN't KeEp A sEcReT iF iT NeVeR wAs a SeCrEt To StArT.. at LeAsT pReTeNd u DidN't wAnNa GeT cAuGhT

well i must say thank you toJOHN for the HOTTEST lj backround ever!!!!!!

JoHn X cRiSpY:  midgets are scary!
JoHn X cRiSpY:  wooow
JoHn X cRiSpY:  with their little legs and big ass heads..
JoHn X cRiSpY:  and razor sharp teeth!
JoHn X cRiSpY:  bite ur knees clean off!
Sum1zlilstarxoxo:  hahahhahahahahahah
JoHn X cRiSpY:  but enough about you .....


well tommarrow shall be a very GOOD day...PAYCHECK, HAIRCUT,PARTY!!! hopefully a good friday!!!  *{ note to KELLY: this weekend our plan takes action hahhaha...and we MUST help eachother!!}* hahah i miss my sister....SHAN U STUPID SLUT...this weekend is ours!!!!! BRIE and SHAN...FOREVER and EVER!!! I <3 u nigger!!! Laguna beach...NNnnnOOOOooo!!!! its gunna end my tuesday nite are gunna be soooooo gay!!!! : / .... well FYI if any bitches try to fuck up my weekend they will die!!!... SATURDAY= JESS WESS and BRAN BAN!!! nIgGaS fO LiFe!!!....oh and to my love my B.F.F...tight pants are NO GOOD!!! don't worry i love you!!! yumyum...drunkness soon!!! PeAcE BiTcHeS... <33 Brie

IMPORTANT THOUGHT: the person u thought u HATED so much ...can actually be sooo similar to u its scarey!!! hahah PaRtNeRs In CrImE...

Current Mood: watch out bitches!!!! <33
Sunday, November 28th, 2004
11:58 pm
"KaRmA" Is A BiOtCh....
this break was WAY OVER DUE... nuhtin really special just chilled.. ALOT of things are GOIN THRU MY HEAD.... i can't wait for ALOT...mainly, PrOm and GrAdUaTiON, i want summer to come...an EXCUSE to stay at the beach all day and party all nite... for sum reason IM REALLY SCARED...good way, bad way idk...."MY KARMA" seems to suck... well i said i was sorry and told u more than i should have not much more i can do... *{ Laguna Beach is soon to come to an end...VeRy VeRy SaD}* ThIs WeEkeNd= PaRtY!!!! [ Jess Wess, J-Swizzle, Brooke, Jare Bizzle and whoever else i promised..FfOoRr SsUuRrEe!!! ].... BoYs CoNfuSe Me.... i WanT JamBa JuIcE and JaCk iN tHe BoX ( StRaWbErRy FaNta) oOoOhHhH YyEeAaHH!!!!! NiTey-NiTe <33 Briefuckinpizzle <33

Current Mood: dorky
Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
12:16 pm
ChAnGe Is AlWaYs GoOd...pLeAsE LeAvE FoR gOoD!!!! <3
It''s offical.....LAGUNA BEACH is the BEST ever!!! aww watching thier graduation... thats gunna be me and all my friends in a few months...scarey!!! but i can't wait!!!! PROM GRADNITE GRADUATION SENIOR FASHIONSHOW SENIOR BREAKFAST ect......my senior year actaully has been fun!!! but NEXT SEMISTER will be better for sure....BEACH after school..MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK!!!! ....well as of now everything is back to how it was...and im looking for a change!!!...its my last couple of months of school...i want to have fun and be carefree( im over stupid drama)....wow i made "ANOTHER NEW FRIENDS" this week..hahah we are now partners in crime..haha but no one knows...lol a new friend everyweek...Im SuCh A PiMp...im moving on and im happy!!!! and i can't wait till MY NEW CHANGE is complete... <3 MiSs BrIe...

Current Mood: CuDdLe pLeAsE...NoW!!!!
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
11:19 pm
so the senior quotes are due tomarrow.....

"Go on just say it, you need me like a bad habit" -Taking Back Sunday

yes, i love mine. I BETTER BE THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS IT! :) fuck yea, 1 more day of skool and we're off for 5 days...thank GOD...fuck skool. Fuck boys...um ya thats it basically.....
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
2:28 pm
bRiE'S bAcK oN tHaT PiMp StAtuS.......

im very happy to hear that sooooo many fucken people are content in this fake place that they call the valley..........NOT!!!

im happy for u....despite EVERYTHING i said...haha yeah rite..u know how i REALLY feel come on u know me better than that!!! watever i have OFFICALLY GIVEN UP and I DON'T CARE... hope ur happy (well I can really careless) 'cause even if ur not, its some how my fault...but IM OVER IT! sorry "babe"....... </3 Brie

              *{ I've told u my view on everything and u contradict ur self.... so please help me out}*

                                   ADAM ....i <3 U!!!!!!!

Current Mood: ur a joke homie......
Sunday, November 14th, 2004
4:08 pm
bRieF OvEr ViEw Of ThE wEeKeNd...{ the PrInCeSs is here...}

Weekend=FUNNN!!! partying wit old friends as well as new is always wonderful, eventful,and fun.....

Friday= Sesh at Franky's Brothers house...hahahha... Joey fucken yelling.."shut the fuck up the cops are gunna come..." hahah good times good times!!! {i'm cold!!!  Damn shandi why didin't u bring a sweater its not fucken summer...i did but Brie took it}

Saturday= where do i begin.... Kazia, Megan, Shan= STONERS!!!! Party, Drunk,Phill and Sean B thumb wrestling for meeh...awww how special!!! making sure lisa and ronni were having fun...hahah {ronni we were sooo fucked up}  Stupid Fights, Stupid People, unnessacary shit talking,  going home wit Shea, Chris, Def Mike, Sean ....... Ride Home...ummmm a lil yelling, a lil tention(nuthin new)..but... PROBLEMS SLOVED and A NEW "FRIEND" ???? {still a lil confused?!?!?!?} a lonnngggg talk wit' Shea (thanks that was really needed).... {he made me realize that EVERYONE needs to get a second chance...hopefully u get it}.... a late PHONE CALL ( LYKE OLD TIMES...haha those were the FUNNNN DAYYYSSSS){sum1z a lil too kool now...hey now that were "friends" should i expect it more often? hahaha NOPE!!!! <3 Ya}

{me maggie and paula... BEST PLAN EVER!!!! hahah}

i seem to have done something bad... B.F.F. is wierd and that makes me sad.... please don't be mad for watever i did ....imreallysorry!!!! I <3 U!!! i a l w a y s m e a n t w a t i s a i d&uknowthat!!!! see this is exactly why.....

Watch out for BRIE and SHAN...... we are ready to have fun and will do WATEVER it takes to have it!!! I <3 U SIS!!!!!!

 <3 BRIE <3


{ ADAM I LOVE YOU!!!!! and U ARE THE BEST EVER...don't be mad I <3!!!! }

Current Mood: all is well in da hood
Tuesday, November 9th, 2004
8:46 pm
i havent been updating...im kinda over all this. ive been in wierd moods l8ly...not myself...smoking way too much :( it needs to stop. well heres my homecoming pictures...i expected more but its okay...

brie and jess

joey and i

tay, ash, and i

brie and i

the ride there

all of us

thanks brie for always being there and i hope you feel better...evverything is gunna be okay.... and shanoid....i miss you so much.....i love you both....
Saturday, November 6th, 2004
4:58 pm
SoMeOnE pLeAsE HeLp Me!!!!!!!!
as of now i miss the BIGGEST ASSHOLE ever and i can't understand why {why aren't u here when i NEED to talk i can HONESTLY say ur the only one to relate}....it's my senior year and its not AS FUN as it is supposed to be... my mom is ALL of a sudden tryin to be "apart" of my life... {sorry mom but its a lil tooo late if u were worried 'bout "ur lil gurl" getting hurt maybe u should have tried 'bout a year ago}....ineeddrugs...i don't care WAT kind just give it to me NOW!!!!!!!!! why is EVERYONE but me happy, the people that hurt someone sooo bad SHOULD NOT be happy { i really doubt u are but yet u ARE good at hiding things} ...i want to run away...anyone want to join?????? <3 Briefukenpizzle

p.s THANKS TO...
Shan..for everything
Beck Weck... for helping me out
Jess Wess...for giving me someone to talk to
Lil Jare Bizzle...for a "good time" and making me laugh

{u guys ARE the best and i don't know wat i would do wit out u guys ...I LOVE YOU!!!!}

I MISS MY E~DIZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*{ ATTETION EVERYONE.... POTTER I"M ON YOUR SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}*

Current Mood: get me out of here!!!!!
Tuesday, October 26th, 2004
9:41 pm
i M I S S the BOYS that L I E ! ! ! honestonesareboring......
iloveshandi!!!!! drugs are fun...for awhie...come downs/burn outs...FUCKEN suck!!! boys who lie are fun!!! homecoming should be quite interesting! if anyone tries to ruin it they will die!!! after parties...ICANTWAIT!!! a night of drugs dancing drinking a hott date and being wit friends!!! whocouldaskformore!!!! i'm over boys and thier (haha) games... *{don't flatter urself hoe u were "call" #2... so before u try to make me feel stupid get shit straight BiOtCh}* BeInG PeRfEcT iS NoT QuItE E-Z...iloveyoujared!!! <3 Briethefuckinpimpizzle

*{Laguna Beach is my NEW life}*
*{who the hell eats dinner at 4pm...fucken ROOK}*

Current Mood: caring sucks...suckmycockhoe!
Sunday, October 17th, 2004
9:06 pm
This weekend was the BEST.....DRUGS!!! yea...i was FUCKED up the whole time...but no joey :( kinda bummed about that one but w.e....theres many weekends ahead...so yea these are the people who shared my weekend with me...(only the ones who actually made it worth while)
- taylor
- lauren
- john G
- john S
- solly
- brie
- walper
- jared
- matt
- jacob
- paula
- breanne
- ashley b
- megan
- kazia
and yea,....there was more for sure but i dont remember...
Thursday, October 14th, 2004
5:21 pm
CoNtEnT fOr ThE tImE bEiNg....
me and lil Jare Bizzle doin the most to go visit a "friend" ... *{Note to Friend: i miss and love you lyke crazy}* as of now i am content in this FAKE place...Friends are the BEST!!!! homecoming= REALLY REALLY soon... my date is a HOTTIE!!!! <3 Johnny u are HOTT!!! <3 work=sucks...paycheck=blingbling...raise=wayoverdo!!!! i miss the boys!!! partying is over rated but i love it!!! drugsanddrinkingaremylife!!!! haha i'm sooo j/k-ing!!! I'M SOOO PERFECT!!! quite hating bitches....... GeT uP oFf ThIs PiMp StAtUs.....<3 Briemuthafuckinpizzle

Current Mood: being this cool is the best
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